Cross Platform Audio Mixer for PC, Mac®, Playstation® AND Xbox 360®


The Cross Platform Audiomixer allows any SteelSeries headset with standard 3.5mm headset and mic jacks to connect to a PS3, Xbox 360, or a PC/Mac. The Cross Platform Audiomixer features independent game and voice volume control, a microphone on/off switch, 3.5mm green headphone port, a 3.5mm pink mic port, an xbox 2.5mm port for Xbox live chat, livemix switch with 4 settings, USB connection, and a 3.5mm audiomixer jack. Also included is a standard RCA audio splitter cable for TV/entertainment center audio connection, and a 2.5mm audio cable jack which connects directly into your Xbox controller for chatting on Xbox live.


* Works with XBox, PS3, PC/MAC
* SteelSeries Livemix featuring 4 different settings
* MIC on/off switch
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