Siberia v2 Cross-Platform Headset for Playstation® 3, Xbox 360®, Mac®, PC


The SteelSeries Siberia v2 Cross Platform Headset is a wired multi platform console and PC headset, based on the award winning design continuing on from the Siberia line of headsets, combined with the LiveMix technology from the Spectrum line. On Playstation, the headset is connected through USB for chat audio, and analog for game audio. PC connectivity is through USB or analog connection. Support for dual connections to PC, making it possible to control individual application sound levels on the AudioMixer. On Xbox360, the user can connect the AudioMixer to a XBOX 360 controller, for full chat functionality.


- Closed ear headphones
- Retractable unidirectional microphone system
- Compatible across PS3, Xbox 360, Mac and PC
- Features the SteelSeries Audiomixer
- Three levels of the SteelSeries LiveMix technology for customizable in-game chat settings



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