SteelSeries FREE Mobile Controller


The SteelSeries FREE Mobile Gaming Controller is the world’s lightest, wireless gaming controller that brings the functionality of a classic controller to your Smartphone and tablet devices. - The SteelSeries FREE is designed for video games that require players to have more precision and control than on-screen touch controls may offer (ex. Angry Birds is made for swiping, but for games like GrandTheftAuto III,Shadowgun and RipTide, a controller will give players a better, more controlled experience). - For PC and Mac users, the SteelSeries FREE provides controller functionality on all games titles that allow for controller functionality. - For Android devices and iDevice’s such as iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad, the SteelSeries FREE can be used with a roster of classic video game titles. Pair and Play. - The SteelSeries FREE was created to give consumers a better experience when playing their favorite video games on a mobile device. The set-up process is easy. Users simply turn it on, pair it with their mobile device, and play. - In true SteelSeries fashion, we also provide users with SteelSeries Engine software, which gives users the option to remap the buttons and configure the controller to their liking.


-Wireless controller via Bluetooth technology
-Cross-platform compatibility with PC, Mac®, Android smartphones and tablets, and iDevices including iPhone®, iPad®, and iPod Touch®
-Classic controller layout with two joysticks, Dpad, two trigger buttons, four-button layout, and select/start buttons
-Remap all 12 buttons via SteelSeries Engine
-Light indicators for pairing and switching between multiple device platforms
-Rechargeable battery with an estimated 10 hrs of continuous, wireless play time
-Auto power save will turn off the controller after more than 3 mins of being idle
-Mini USB to USB cable will charge the SteelSeries FREE in less than 2 hours and allows for charge and play functionality
-Controller will work up to 20 feet away from your computer or device
-SteelSeries FREE App for mobile devices will provide users with the quick start guide, and direct access to SteelSeries Engine support
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